Friday, July 08, 2005

A personal family history Web site

Hi cousins,
This is my first-ever post to a blog, so I'll try to keep it brief. Since late December 2003, I have been crafting and modifying a personal family history Web site about my and my wife's genealogy. It has been a very enjoyable creative process that I would urge anyone with an interest in sharing family history with relatives and friends to try.
The home page URL is
You will see that I have compiled all kinds of family history-related information on the site: photos, letters from the old country, family anecdotes, the text of newspaper articles concerning family members, links to some relatives' own Web sites, our genealogy research breakthroughs and roadblocks, as well as family trees.
For those who might be hesitant about trying to create a Web site, I would suggest you read the article from my site at in which I explain, step by step, how I created the site with almost no experience. It was very much a learning-while-doing process.

Martin Fischer


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